Respecting Veterans with Aid and Attendance Support in Georgia

It is not unusual for disabled veterans to feel confused about aid and attendance benefit eligibility. Whether you were wounded in active duty or otherwise, you may be entitled to claim benefits. Aid and attendance can cover chronic health conditions that occurred or manifested after leaving military services. Managing medical bills can become financially crippling  … Read more

Gaslighting an Elderly Person to Influence Will Beneficiaries

In recent years, the term “gaslighting” has come to prominence in the public arena. Describing manipulating behavior that makes the victim doubt their own memories or sanity, gaslighting is a type of abuse. One of the ways that gaslighting is used involves coercion. An example of this may include manipulating an elderly person into creating  … Read more

What Are Your Plans for Your Estate After You Die?

When you plan to buy a house, car or make an investment, it is common to carefully think through your actions. Although considering the impact on those you love following your death may feel uncomfortable, it is important to have a plan in place to provide support. If you have money, property or other valuables,  … Read more

Why Set Up a Special Needs Trust?

Are you concerned about the welfare of a special needs relative? When you are no longer around to take care of a disabled or elderly loved one, they may struggle to get by financially. Even if you have money that you could leave in a will, doing so could lead to greater hardship. Government benefit  … Read more

Three Common Reasons for Drafting a Power of Attorney Document

A power of attorney (POA) is a more flexible document than most people realize. However, to ensure that directives are followed in the way that you want, it may help you to consult with an experienced attorney. You may be wondering whether a POA is the right type of legal document for your needs. There  … Read more

Advance Directives in Georgia

As we age, it is important to prepare for our future medical and financial care. This planning takes the burden off our loved ones and can bring us peace of mind knowing that our wishes will be carried out. There are several options to consider as you begin planning, and it can become overwhelming without  … Read more

Aid and Attendance Benefits for Veterans

Many veterans supplement their income or rely solely on VA disability benefits for both income and medical care. To qualify for VA benefits, your disability must be service-connected. However, veterans or their surviving spouses with chronic conditions that were not directly caused by their time in the military can still find support. There are a  … Read more

End of Year Tax Planning

Many of us are happy to see 2020 come to an end. A worldwide pandemic and the economic strain felt by many are reasons to look forward to ringing in the new year. But before you say goodbye to 2020, it is important to evaluate your tax obligations. Uncertain Future for Taxes The political climate  … Read more

Common Signs of Elder Abuse in Care Homes

If you have trusted a care home to look after an elderly relative, the expectation is that all personal needs will be met. Unfortunately, some care home employees do not treat residents the way they deserve. Elder abuse comes in many forms, so it is important to recognize the common signs. There are six types  … Read more

Do You Need to Create a Special Needs Trust in Georgia?

If you care for a person with special needs, it may be time to think about what happens when you pass away. Ensuring that an elderly or disabled relative is looked after is not always as simple as it sounds. In fact, good intentions can often lead to a vulnerable person being left less financially  … Read more