Your Powers and Responsibilities as an Adult Guardian in Georgia

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Many people have questions about guardianship, especially when it comes to adults. While it is often used to help protect an adult who needs managed care to ensure they live their best life, it can also seem daunting for some families. What does a guardian do and how do they do it?

Guardianship Responsibilities

Primary responsibilities for every guardian include establishing routine care and necessities. You will need to ensure they have suitable housing, food, clothing and essentials. For those requiring medical care, you must ensure they see their doctors within a reasonable time. You may need to set up appointments, fill out paperwork, authorize procedures or set up transportation. The ward in your care should also have the opportunity to complete their high school education or learn a trade if they desire.

Guardianship Powers

Because you will need to coordinate many aspects of their life, you will be granted powers to allow it. Once the court has made the guardianship official, you will then be able to manage their money, consent to their medical treatments and represent them in legal matters. You must also realize that your “ward” still has rights and you must respect them. You are encouraged to let them participate in decisions if they have the capacity.

Guardianship Limitations

Although legal guardianship will award you many powers, there are also limitations to ensure that you always act in their best interests. Some things may need to be approved by the court before they can occur. For example, if you wish to move their residence, you will need to get approval from a judge.

Personal Status Report

As the guardian, you will need to provide a personal status report to the court within 60 days and then once each year. This report includes an inventory of the person’s assets and liabilities and a plan for how those assets are managed. You’ll need to provide their tax returns, if they file, and any other financial documents related to the report.

If you feel guardianship may benefit you or a loved one and have questions about the process and what is involved, please call Turner Law for a free phone consultation. We may be able to help you decide if this is the best option for you.

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