Estate Planning

Why “Drafting a Will” Isn’t Enough

Most people would never go through any major life event without a carefully prepared plan that ensures the desired result. Yet, many people fail to plan for their death and the people it will affect. Or, they end up writing a will, but don’t perform estate planning—or even create an estate planning checklist.

The end result is their successors experience unnecessary pain, with their assets in limbo. If they are responsible for other family members, such as special needs individuals, the situation can be tragic.

Whether you are very wealthy or not, have a large family or a small one, your post-death wishes should not be left to chance, or a single piece of paper.

At Turner Law, one of our most important services is helping individuals plan their estates, with an iron-clad, legal will that can survive any court challenge. Our lead attorney, Robert Turner, will expertly guide you through the process of meeting family members’ needs, funding important goals, and recognizing people and organizations with a bequest. We can also handle your living will (also called an advanced healthcare directive). If you become incapacitated, your family will not have to make your final decisions.

Turner Law’s estate planning and living trust attorney services are listed below. Many of these approaches are described in detail on other pages within our site.

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