"I had some estate planning issues that had some unexpected complications and used Turner Law to resolve them. Robert Turner did an excellent job...he explained things in a way that helped me make estate planning decisions easily without anxiety or worry while resolving doubts I had about the best course of action. I highly recommend him."

Thomas E.

"Robert Turner assisted my family on advanced estate planning. My sister and I had many questions, and he stewarded us both through the process. I will definitely be working with him again."

Scott C.

"Robert has been doing my estate planning for almost 14 years. I am completely satisfied with my estate plan and it is not a simple plan."


"I had an unusual situation involving estate planning, retirement, and investment decisions that I had been wrestling with for YEARS. Robert thoroughly reviewed my situation and offered several options that enabled me not only to settle on a plan but also KNOW that the plan I had chosen was the best one for me and my family. I rarely, if ever, give a review of anything or anyone with 5 stars across the board, but Robert certainly earned it. He did extensive estate planning and set up a trust for us that included stocks, liquid assets, misc. property, real estate and CD’s. He worked tirelessly, and we often threw him curveballs, but he was never ruffled and consistently and efficiently had a solution. He literally held our hands while we went through this intimidating process. Robert was 100% professional and knowledgeable. He was always available to take my calls and worked quickly, but thoroughly. I cannot recommend him highly enough. If you want an attorney who can handle any variation of estate planning, no matter how complicated, look no further."


"Robert Turner has been my Legal Counsel for the past 9 years. I have and continue to seek his counsel on estate planning, probate and other personal matters. Robert provided us with a much needed estate planning advice. He expertly drafted my estate plan that involved international matters along with excellent estate tax advice. Most importantly, he drafted a plan that would take care of my family after I am gone. His advice and estate planning will prevent my estate from incurring a large estate tax so that my estate can be used entirely for the benefit of my family. Robert is a conscientious responsive attorney that is very knowledgeable about estate planning, probate and tax matters. I highly recommend him."

"Robert guided my sister and I through a very troubling time when my Father’s health and memory were failing. He counseled us in planning for my Father’s eventual death, set up a living will and other documents that we would not have thought of. On my Father’s passing, the probate process was effortless on our part due to the thorough preparation on Robert’s part. My sister and I remained amiable and content through a passage that I have seen tear apart so many families. We owe this to the excellent legal counseling we received. I have called Robert for advice on several occasions, and he is handling my legal preparations for the future of my family. Robert is an extremely intelligent, knowledgeable and human attorney."