Care for Elderly Family Members – Guardians or Conservators

Guardians and conservators are charged with caring for elderly family members who have become incapacitated. As a guardian or conservator, your job is to manage your loved one’s resources and protect them from exploitation. Both roles carry important responsibilities that you need to know, ideally before you agree to take them on.

Attorney Robert Turner represents guardians, conservators, and concerned family members who fear the possibility of abuse or exploitation. Together with his competent legal team, he will help you navigate the process to become or appoint a guardian or conservator who can handle this very important responsibility.

The Difference Between Guardianship And Conservatorship

In many cases, you can become both a guardian and conservator for a loved one. However, these roles are distinctly different:

  • A guardian protects the personal interests of another person who is incapable of caring for their own interests. Common responsibilities include arranging suitable housing, making health care appointments and facilitating doctor visits, and generally providing for the ward’s personal needs.
  • A conservator supervises an individual’s financial affairs. This could include everything from paying their bills to making financial investments on their behalf using approved funds for this purpose.

Choosing Someone You Can Trust

As you can see, the court places a significant amount of trust on the guardian or conservator to do the right thing and not abuse their position. For that reason, it’s important to choose a guardian or conservator you trust now, before circumstances force the court to appoint one for you. You can include your wishes in your estate planning documents.

Turner Law provides comprehensive estate planning services precisely for this purpose. Our team will not overlook your concerns and answer all of your questions about guardianship and conservatorship. We can advise you on choosing the right guardian or conservator. By planning ahead before incapacity, you may be able to prevent a guardianship or conservatorship hearing from ever occurring and having your affairs managed by a pre-selected person you chose through proper estate planning.

Becoming A Guardian Or Conservator

We can also help those who have questions about becoming a guardian or conservator or concerns about anyone put forward as the guardian or conservator. We can work with you, the court and even the proposed ward, if they are still of sound mind, to obtain a satisfactory resolution.

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