When Should You Hire a Probate Attorney?

A probate attorney consulting clients at his office.

While everyone on the planet will die someday, many people are unfamiliar with what to do with the financial concerns that happen when their loved one dies. The probate process is the legal aspect of handling the assets and debts of the deceased, which can be very taxing on those left behind. While not every family needs a probate attorney after a loved one passes, there are times when it can be greatly beneficial.

Georgia Probate Law

Every state has different laws when it comes to probate code. While Georgia is similar to many states, there are some differences. All wills in Georgia will need to go through probate, verifying that it is authentic and overseeing the process of determining the estate value and ensuring all debts are paid. The probate process in Georgia usually takes at least eight months, but it can be longer depending on the size of the estate and various other aspects.

Probate Disputes and Concerns

The primary duty of a probate attorney is to oversee the entire probate process. The estate’s personal executor or administrator may need assistance handling the many aspects of probate. If there are any disputes to the will or extensive creditor claims, a probate lawyer can work to work to resolve the issues. These concerns can take many months of investigation and court proceedings to determine the true wishes of the deceased and resolution for the estate.

Even well-prepared estates with a straightforward will can benefit from a probate attorney. The personal executor of the estate can be saddled with a long list of duties that can be confusing and time-consuming. A probate attorney can provide assistance with the following duties to help simplify the probate process for the family and executor:

  • Asset consolidation
  • Debt and tax resolution
  • Heir reporting
  • Selling assets

At Turner Law, we have years of experience in Georgia probate code. If you have lost a loved one and need assistance with probate disputes or handling of the probate process, call our office in Decatur, GA. We can schedule a legal consultation with Robert Turner to discuss your probate needs.

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