Probate Disputes

A Fair Resolution for Everyone

Most people hope that when they die, their heirs will gather peacefully around their grave site following death and then accept the inheritance they receive with gratitude. In reality, probate disputes are not uncommon and they can become very contentious, especially with assets that are highly personal or cannot easily be divided. Some heirs may argue that the deceased was unduly swayed or tricked by another family member, or that the intent of the deceased is not reflected in the will as presented and that it does not represent the final document.

Disputes can also arise when claimants come forward with a promissory note or other instrument that the heirs believe is not valid, or when children from multiple marriages argue over distribution of assets. In some cases, disputes may involve business or personal injury matters—with significant financial impact—of which the heirs had no prior knowledge. In all of these instances, the probate process becomes more complicated.

Mediating a probate dispute can be challenging, and the parties in a disputed probate often carry extra “baggage” from grief; longstanding disagreements; even anger from perceived childhood slights. For this reason, neither the heirs—nor the executor—should attempt resolution on their own.

The outcome of mediation can have implications that extend far beyond an individual clause in a will or contested item. To ensure a fair outcomes for all parties, work with a competent, qualified, and impartial dispute resolution attorney, like Robert Turner of Decatur, Georgia based Turner Law.

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