Decatur Elder Abuse Lawyer

Taking Action Against Elder Abuse And Financial Exploitation

Elder abuse can take many forms. From physical harm to financial exploitation, the elderly and incapacitated need the level of protection that a seasoned estate planning attorney provides.

At Turner Law, LLC, Georgia attorney Robert Turner is dedicated to protecting the rights and well-being of the elderly. With high standards of ethics and professionalism, Mr. Turner treats his clients with compassion while holding those committing abuse and exploitation accountable.

Guardians and conservators are selected for their trustworthiness. However, that bond of trust is broken when the caretaker uses undue influence to gain money and assets. Those susceptible to these tactics are often extremely ill or frail, becoming unusually dependent and bestowing a great deal of trust.

Without a rational explanation, an elderly or incapacitated family member chooses the caretaker as the beneficiary under a will or the agent in a Power of Attorney. Family members are caught off guard. They need immediate legal representation.

Contesting a will or claiming that the estate planning document is invalid is a complicated and sometimes lengthy process. However, a vulnerable loved one needs that type of protection.

Proactive planning can prevent future conflicts, disputes and instances of abuse. An advanced healthcare directive is an effective step towards that goal. A living trust reduces the chance of exploitation of an elderly family member. Immediate implementation of those estate planning tools can help prevent a loved one from being taken advantage of.

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