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Probate: Do You Know The Basics?

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While probate laws and customs have changed over the years, its primary purpose is the same—people submit their intentions regarding the transfer of their property at the time of their death, usually in the form of a will. Thus, when a person dies, their property is collected, remaining debts are paid accordingly from their estate  … Read more

Is It Your Turn To Care?

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For those of us with aging loved ones, particularly aging parents, there comes a time when it’s our turn to care. From health and wellness concerns to financial decisions and questions regarding one’s estate, it’s important to weigh in on these matters before they become urgent. Thus, while some loved ones age well at home,  … Read more

Plan Ahead to Beat Probate!

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Probate is one of those words that people don’t typically understand until they’re in the middle of it. Probate is the process that happens in the courts after someone dies. It determines the legality of a will, who the legal heirs are, and how to pay the decedent’s remaining debts and taxes. If you’re the  … Read more