Is It Your Turn To Care?

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For those of us with aging loved ones, particularly aging parents, there comes a time when it’s our turn to care. From health and wellness concerns to financial decisions and questions regarding one’s estate, it’s important to weigh in on these matters before they become urgent. Thus, while some loved ones age well at home, others will need assisted living or nursing home services, as well as long-term care. With this in mind, it’s always best to start the conversation early and plan ahead.

Be Proactive, Yet Patient

When it comes to making provisions for aging loved ones and/or parents, it’s important to be proactive, yet patient. This requires some finesse as individuals work through sensitive topics such as when a parent might need to hand over their car keys, or how long a parent will be able to manage their home, including paying bills on time or taking care of a family pet. A safe way to navigate these and other topics is to weave them into everyday conversations. Equally important is to assure loved ones that you support them in maintaining their independence, and that you simply need help making choices that will honor them in the future. Doing so will keep conversations light, and make it easier to tackle more difficult issues as adult children and friends transition alongside their loved ones.

Protecting The Ones That You Love

Perhaps you are in a position where you feel as though you must take legal action to protect the ones that you love. Maybe you’ve looked into becoming a guardian or conservator. Did you know? There are alternatives to this all-too-complicated process. For instance, in some case, families can avoid the need for guardianship through establishing a power of attorney or advanced healthcare directive.

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