Plan Ahead to Beat Probate!

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Probate is one of those words that people don’t typically understand until they’re in the middle of it. Probate is the process that happens in the courts after someone dies. It determines the legality of a will, who the legal heirs are, and how to pay the decedent’s remaining debts and taxes.

If you’re the remaining legal heir, probate is the gift that keeps on giving, a daily reminder of the grief you’re still processing, and all the details you have to take care of, but can’t because you’re waiting on the courts.

But there are ways to get around the hassle of probate court.

  • Make sure your will is legal and binding. Turner Law is experienced with every facet of the will writing and estate planning process. You will be able to make decisions about what will happen with your estate before you die and expect that those decisions are carried out after the fact.
  • Create an Advanced Healthcare Directive, or living will. If you are incapacitated, this ensures that your family doesn’t have to make the choices about your condition and estate.
  • Plan your financial future. If you make the right choices for how to invest your money, the probate courts will not be able to change your intentions. Adding a joint owner with survivorship to property and accounts or setting up a living trust are two ways to circumvent probate court. Turner Law estate planning can help you find more.

No matter how old you are, it is never too late to start planning your estate. Contact our office in Decatur, Georgia to find out more!

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