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The Importance of Special Needs Planning

The challenges of parenting a special needs child can be daunting, and sometimes it is easy to delay the important things like financial planning for their future. A recent study conducted by the University of Illinois found that less than half of study participants had completed long-term planning for their special needs children. When to  … Read more

3 Benefits of Settling an Estate Through Probate

When a loved one has passed, the process of grieving begins. However, the process of executing their will, should they have one, and settling their estate has also begun. Choosing how to handle the financial resources left behind depends mostly on the complexity of the will and the number or size of assets. There are  … Read more

Dealing With Guardianship Disputes

Guardianship is never a simple matter. Whether the individual (or ward in legal terms) is a child or a vulnerable adult, it is important to ensure that his or her best interests are at the heart of any dispute. Unfortunately, these matters often result in a fight between two or more parties (guardianship disputes), with  … Read more

A Power of Attorney is Not What You See in the Movies

The thought of giving someone power of attorney (POA) over your affairs may be disconcerting. However, if your fears stem from murder mysteries that you have read or seen on the big screen, you are probably not getting all the facts. Fiction and media are largely sensationalized; they are designed to garner a specific reaction  … Read more

End-of-Year Charitable Planning

The end of the 2019 tax year is just around the corner, so now is the time to complete any last-minute charitable giving to offset your tax burden. End-of-year charitable planning includes a review of the year’s financial status and possible tax burdens, and how you can mitigate high tax rates. Turner Law, LLC can  … Read more

Elder Law Needs in Georgia

Estate planning can become a messy and stressful situation for families. Advance planning is the best approach. Instead of facing the public process of guardianship through the court, you may wish to hire an elder law attorney. There are plenty of benefits that will give the entire family peace-of-mind that healthcare and personal affairs are  … Read more

Special Needs Trust

Are you worried about your loved one with a disability? Do you want to ensure that they are taken care of and not lose any of their current benefits? A special needs trust may be the answer for you. A special needs trust is set up for a person with physical and/or mental disabilities who  … Read more

Guardians and Conservators

Are you facing the time when you need to step in for a loved one and make the decisions? Did the court determine your loved one is mentally or physically incapacitated? When your loved one cannot care and make responsible decisions for themselves, it may be time to get court permission to act on their  … Read more

The Benefits of Estate Planning

Planning a vacation ahead of time allows for a more stress-free and relaxing time for our loved ones. Why do we not do the same with our estates? Everyone has an estate no matter how big or how little and will be handled by those we leave behind. Estate planning is one way to provide  … Read more

Aid And Attendance

Perhaps you served as a veteran years ago, and you are now retired. Maybe your health is declining, and you are having trouble performing everyday activities such as eating, bathing and getting dressed. Did you know that you could turn to the VA for help? AARP explains that large numbers of veterans and their survivors  … Read more