Elder Law Needs in Georgia

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Estate planning can become a messy and stressful situation for families. Advance planning is the best approach. Instead of facing the public process of guardianship through the court, you may wish to hire an elder law attorney. There are plenty of benefits that will give the entire family peace-of-mind that healthcare and personal affairs are handled correctly.

Placing Assets in Trusts

Part of an estate plan in elder law can involve placing assets in a trust. This strategy ensures that the assets are managed in case of incapacity or death. Robert Turner provides a range of services that ensure that assets are available for use and help the elder or individual with power of attorney.

Power of Attorney

The person who accepts power of attorney for an elder is typically one of the children. Robert Turner can create a power of attorney that fits your needs. This allows the family to anticipate future healthcare needs and manage the healthcare and personal affairs of the elder accordingly. Advance healthcare directives are also created as part of a power of attorney. These steps may sound complicated; however, an experienced elder law attorney will help you navigate the process.

Elder Law Attorney

Robert Turner has the experience you need to effectively plan how you or a loved one’s estate is handled. There are a number of areas where elder law now may apply, including long-term care and disability planning, nursing home planning and special needs trusts. Every estate is different, so it helps to hire a lawyer who understands how to facilitate the best strategy for the entire family.

If you are concerned about your estate and assets as you get older, speak to Robert Turner today. You can contact our offices by calling (866) 768-5365 or completing our online contact form. You are only a call away from securing your future with the help of an experienced elder law attorney.

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