Aid And Attendance

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Perhaps you served as a veteran years ago, and you are now retired. Maybe your health is declining, and you are having trouble performing everyday activities such as eating, bathing and getting dressed. Did you know that you could turn to the VA for help? AARP explains that large numbers of veterans and their survivors who need caregiving help do not realize that they might qualify for thousands of dollars each year through a program called Aid and Attendance (A&A).

In order to qualify for the little-known program, veterans must be considered disabled (by the Social Security Administration), or at least 65 years of age. Veterans must also have completed at least one day of service during wartime. Other conditions include a minimum of 90 days of active service prior to 1980 or at least 24 months after September 7, 1980. Aside from specific income requirements, a veteran’s net worth must not be greater than $123,600 (not including their primary residence).

Older veterans might qualify for pensions even if they do not consider themselves “poor.” Also, as a veteran’s needs change over time, he or she might qualify for pensions even if they were denied at a younger age. This is because the government’s formula for measuring need is different than one might expect. To explain, individuals are allowed to deduct medical expenses from their income. As medical expenses increase, this places them in a position to receive pensions.

For individuals that need assistance with basic needs, A&A payments make it possible to receive the care that they need to qualify for assisted living. For others, the added pensions allow them to receive personalized care while other family members work outside of the home.

Seasoned Estate and Benefits Planning for Veterans

At Turner Law, LLC we realize that many veterans mistakenly believe that they are not entitled to VA disability benefits, as they were not wounded or disabled during service. The truth is—Aid and Attendance is a unique benefit that these individuals might be eligible for.

For seasoned estate and benefits planning for veterans, including eligibility requirements for A&A, contact Robert Turner at Turner Law, LLC today.

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