Served Uncle Sam?

Decatur GA Veterans Benefits Lawyers

If you served in the US armed forces and are a veteran, there are a number of benefits available to you- if you know where to find them! You already know about the medical or health plans available and using the VA hospitals, and you probably know that you can get discounts at various businesses, but the assistance that can be given to US veterans goes much further than just that.

Did you know that…

Veterans can have their taxes prepared for free? Aside from the IRS’s Free File Software, which is accessible for anyone learning less than $64K, the military provides free tax preparation to both current military personnel and spouses. Other, non-government options are available as well, including My Free Taxes and Liberty Tax which offer free services based on income, or rank, or military status.

Non-medical insurance is available through the VA. The Veteran’s Group Life Insurance program is available for vets . Severely disabled veterans may qualify for mortgage insurance, with a VA grant.

The VA provides help for long term care. Long-term care in a nursing home can be cost prohibitive, but the VA will assist qualified veterans and their spouses with up to $25,020/year.

Final Honors

At the time of the funeral and interment of a US Veteran, the department provides two final honors: a US flag to drape the casket, and a memorial to mark the grave.

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