Respecting Veterans with Aid and Attendance Support in Georgia

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It is not unusual for disabled veterans to feel confused about aid and attendance benefit eligibility. Whether you were wounded in active duty or otherwise, you may be entitled to claim benefits. Aid and attendance can cover chronic health conditions that occurred or manifested after leaving military services.

Managing medical bills can become financially crippling for military veterans. Estate planning is a service offered by Turner Law that may help you gain access to the benefits you deserve. We can guide and represent veterans or family members of veterans in pursuit of applicable government benefits, including aid and attendance.

Aid and Attendance

If you were in service before 1980 and completed at least 90 days of active duty, you may be eligible for aid and attendance. For veterans who served after 1980, the period of required service is 24 months or more. As the law stands, the veteran must also have spent at least one day of active duty service during a declared wartime. Veterans who received a dishonorable discharge are ineligible for this benefit.

Veterans over the age of 65 are automatically considered disabled. As such, you are not required to prove the existence of any health condition. If Social Security has deemed you disabled, this designation applies to an aid and attendance application.

There are a large number of veterans who are entitled to aid and attendance, along with other government benefits, who are currently struggling with bills. After discharge, adjusting to the civilian world can prove difficult. If you are facing financial woes, Turner Law can help you explore eligibility for aid and attendance in Georgia.

Turner Law is passionate about helping veterans gain access to the benefits to which they are entitled. We also offer a range of estate planning services that could support you in your retirement from military service. Those who put their lives on the line to defend the United States, her allies and interests deserve our respect and support.

If you have questions about aid and attendance – or any other veteran benefits in Georgia – call the offices of Turner Law today.

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