Aid & Attendance

Make the Most of VA Benefits

Many disabled veterans mistakenly believe they are not entitled to VA disability benefits because they weren’t wounded or disabled while serving. In reality, a special benefit called Aid and Attendance may be available to you if you are over 65—or even if you are younger but have a service-related, chronic condition that developed after discharge. Given that many disabled veterans struggle with paying for the cost of long-term care, the pension benefits available through the Aid and Attendance program can be important for long-term comfort.

What Is Aid and Attendance and Who Is Eligible?

Aid and Attendance is a special monthly pension available to all honorably discharged, disabled wartime veterans or their surviving spouses. To be eligible, the veteran must have at least one day of active duty service that occurred during a declared Wartime. Beyond that requirement, the veteran must have served at least 90 days of active military duty (service before 1980), or 24 months of active military duty (service after 1980).

As a veteran, you qualify for “disabled” status and privileges if you are considered disabled by the Social Security Administration or regardless of your health once you reach 65. With this condition met, you may be eligible for Aid and Attendance benefits, and estate and elder law specialist Robert Turner will help you get them.

  • Although you can apply for this special monthly pension on your own, by working with Attorney Robert Turner you have the opportunity to incorporate these benefits into a total estate plan. At Turner Law, we will help you develop that plan with consideration for all future needs, income sources, and governmental benefits, such as Medicaid, for which you might later qualify.
  • Aid and Attendance benefits could enable you to stay in your home or afford the cost of assisted living. Unfortunately, when not properly planned for, they can also cause you to be penalized when applying for other government benefits such as Medicaid. Having the assistance of our military and elder law experts will ensure the best possible outcome.

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