Are You Eligible For Aid And Attendance?

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Though not as well known as other military benefit programs, Aid And Attendance is of great value for qualified veterans that are able to receive a VA pension. The idea behind the program is to provide financial assistance (in addition to a primary VA pension) to veterans and survivors that require daily help from another person, or for those that are housebound due to an ongoing, permanent disability. Yet, because aid and attendance is not awarded without one’s eligibility for pension, it’s important to differentiate between military retirement pay and VA pension.

To begin, veteran’s benefits and VA retirement benefits are similar, yet with additional benefits when a veteran has completed 20 years of service. Some of these include retirement pay, disability, life insurance plans, VA home loans for surviving spouses, health and dental care, educational benefits through the GI Bill and military discounts for qualified veterans.

Who is considered a qualifying veteran for a VA Pension?

To effectively apply for a VA Pension, a veteran must have spent at least 90 days on active duty, and a minimum of one day during an active time of war or hostilities (as described by the VA). In turn, Military Benefits explains that veterans must also meet at least one of the following requirements to be considered eligible for Aid and Attendance (in addition to their VA pension):

  • Age 65 or older
  • Permanently and totally disabled (not due to personal misconduct)
  • Patient in a nursing home receiving skilled nursing care
  • Receiving Social Security disability benefits

It should be noted that there are income limits to qualify for basic VA pension. However, because aid and attendance and housebound allowances increase this amount, a veteran that does not qualify for basic pension may still receive some pension through aid and attendance or housebound.

Experienced Benefits Planning For Veterans

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