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The Future Of Your Healthcare: Is It In The Hands Of Someone You Trust?

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For those that are independent, well and active, it’s difficult to consider the future of their healthcare if they succumb to a serious accident or illness, not to mention advanced age. Yet, if something happens and the person is not able to direct his or her own medical care, how can they be sure that  … Read more

Guardianship: No Matter Your Age, Document Your Wishes Now

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When the Unexpected Happens Most people assume wills, a Power of Attorney and a Georgia Advance Directive for Health Care are legal documents to be dealt with in middle age or later. People in their twenties rarely have these documents – often because they are too busy living. However, one family found out how critical  … Read more

Understanding Power Of Attorney

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Imagine a single individual that lives alone, has no close or surviving family members, and is preparing for a major surgery. In turn, imagine a couple that is traveling out of the country for the next few months while their home is for sale. These are just two instances in which a power of attorney  … Read more