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Warning Signs of Elder Financial Exploitation

Unfortunately, the most vulnerable in our society are often the ones targeted for abuse, especially the elderly. There are many different types of elder abuse that occur, from physical and emotional to financial coercion and exploitation. One of the areas in which elders require assistance when they become disabled physically or cognitively is with their  … Read more

3 Estate Planning Documents for Newlyweds

If you just got married, you are most likely working with your significant other on how to share responsibilities together as a couple. Now is the perfect time to start working on an estate plan as your accounts and possessions are minimal at this point. When planning your future, you may want to start preparing  … Read more

Three Common Reasons for Drafting a Power of Attorney Document

A power of attorney (POA) is a more flexible document than most people realize. However, to ensure that directives are followed in the way that you want, it may help you to consult with an experienced attorney. You may be wondering whether a POA is the right type of legal document for your needs. There  … Read more

Dealing With Guardianship Disputes

Guardianship is never a simple matter. Whether the individual (or ward in legal terms) is a child or a vulnerable adult, it is important to ensure that his or her best interests are at the heart of any dispute. Unfortunately, these matters often result in a fight between two or more parties (guardianship disputes), with  … Read more

A Power of Attorney is Not What You See in the Movies

The thought of giving someone power of attorney (POA) over your affairs may be disconcerting. However, if your fears stem from murder mysteries that you have read or seen on the big screen, you are probably not getting all the facts. Fiction and media are largely sensationalized; they are designed to garner a specific reaction  … Read more

Advanced Directives and Living Wills

As individuals age, it’s likely that they will hear the terms advanced directive or living will. In some cases, however, a younger person might be asked if they have an advanced directive prior to a surgery. Even so, these written instructions are mostly associated with those that are terminally ill or in a coma, or  … Read more

Guardianship: No Matter Your Age, Document Your Wishes Now

When the Unexpected Happens Most people assume wills, a Power of Attorney and a Georgia Advance Directive for Health Care are legal documents to be dealt with in middle age or later. People in their twenties rarely have these documents – often because they are too busy living. However, one family found out how critical  … Read more

Understanding Power Of Attorney

Imagine a single individual that lives alone, has no close or surviving family members, and is preparing for a major surgery. In turn, imagine a couple that is traveling out of the country for the next few months while their home is for sale. These are just two instances in which a power of attorney  … Read more