Understanding Power Of Attorney

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Imagine a single individual that lives alone, has no close or surviving family members, and is preparing for a major surgery. In turn, imagine a couple that is traveling out of the country for the next few months while their home is for sale. These are just two instances in which a power of attorney (POA) is necessary. In short, a power of attorney is a document that allows an individual to appoint a person or organization to manage his or her affairs in the event that they are unable to do so (Legal Zoom). While there are several types of POA’s, each provide a chosen party some control and decision-making ability.

To better understand, consider a general power of attorney. In this case, an appointed person is given a degree of power regarding a person’s finances and business. This includes purchasing life insurance, settling claims and operating business interests accordingly.

A special power of attorney details specific powers that are granted to an appointed person. For example, when an individual cannot sell their home or manage their property due to health constraints, they may designate another individual in a signed special POA to handle affairs relating to the sell of the property.

Similarly, a health care power of attorney grants specific power to a chosen person to make medical decisions on behalf of another, in the event that they are mentally incapable of doing so. In this document, a person will typically include their views on life support.

When an individual suffers an accident or injury that renders them mentally incompetent, a durable power of attorney is a provision that protects the power of the appointed person to make decisions as specified in a general, special or health care POA.

A Reliable, Trusted POA Is Key

As one can imagine, selecting a reliable and trusted power of attorney is key. After all, a POA has the power to make critical decisions regarding the welfare of another individual, as well as their property and other affairs. For this reason, it is wise to consult a qualified and trusted attorney to provide insight into choosing a candidate that will uphold one’s best interests.

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