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As an important part of managing one’s property and assets, a solid estate plan honors a person’s last will and testament and is invaluable to family members and friends. Yet, it isn’t possible to anticipate every change in life, as Legal Match explains. Thus, disputes may arise, even with a good plan in place. Attorney Robert Turner provides qualified dispute resolution, representing guardians, conservators and even the appointed ward when details of an estate are questioned.

Some of the most common disputes involving estate planning are listed below:

  • Disputes over property distribution
  • Disputes involving inheritance rights and/or benefits
  • Disputes or conflicts with the executor or administrator of the estate
  • Issues surrounding sudden incapacitation or disability

Given the range of estate planning disputes, some misunderstandings are resolved through mediation-type discussions and negotiations. This depends on the individuals involved, as well as the type of disagreement. When complex business matters are on the table, court intervention might be necessary.

In some cases, the removal of the executor of the estate is recommended, and the court will appoint a different person to serve in this role. If a dispute is related to the mismanagement of estate funds, monetary compensation could be awarded to the party that has experienced losses as a result. Moreover, if property has mistakenly been distributed to the wrong person, a court order is needed to re-distribute the property and/or assets based on the estate holder’s original wishes.

Because the court places a significant amount of trust on the guardian and conservator of an estate to support and uphold the intentions of the estate holder, it is imperative that this person does not abuse their position. Proper estate planning can ensure that the right person is chosen to fulfill this position.

The competent legal team at Turner Law helps family members and loved ones navigate the process to become or appoint a guardian or conservator. What’s more, when conflicts arise, Attorney Robert Turner provides trusted dispute resolution, with over 25 years of legal experience serving the greater Atlanta area.

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