Consider an Advanced Directive or Living Will

Living Will Documents Being Signed Decatur GA

Thinking about palliative or end-of-life care seems like a task that should be contemplated once a person is elderly. The reality is that even the young and otherwise healthy could experience a life-changing event at any time.

A tragic accident, complications from illness or surgery could result in a terminal condition. Many people do not consider the possibility of inherited conditions affecting their lives until it comes to making arrangements for a loved one. At Turner Law, we believe that every individual should have an Advanced Directive or Living Will.

What Does an Advanced Directive or Living Will Do?

The purpose of an Advanced Directive or Living Will is to provide legally binding instructions for your ongoing or end-of life medical care. The terms ‘Advanced Directive’ or ‘Living Will’ are essentially commutable, but they do have slightly different meanings.

An Advanced Directive can also be called a personal directive, medical directive, advance decisions or advance healthcare directives. At any time, but especially as we age, you could be affected by terminal illness, critical injury, dementia or be otherwise incapacitated. This may impact your ability to make informed decisions about treatment. An Advanced Directive provides guidance for healthcare providers. It also removes the burden of making these decisions from your loved ones.

Living Wills dictate what medical procedures you wish to avoid, or that you would prefer, should you become incapacitated or in a terminal condition. This can include invasive actions like the insertion of a feeding tube, dialysis, blood transfusion or the use of a breathing tube or ventilator. Palliative care choices also form part of a Living Will. Such care may include treatment for infection, or a certain degree of pain management. Your preference regarding end-stage decisions can be addressed through a Living Will, such as organ or body donation.

Obtain Clear and Specific Legal Guidance

Robert Turner holds more than 25 years of legal experience and has a significant educational background in tax, probate and estate law. Contact his office in Atlanta, Georgia, today to begin drafting your Advanced Directive or Living Will.

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