Common Signs of Elder Abuse in Care Homes

Decatur GA Lawyer for Elderly Abuse

If you have trusted a care home to look after an elderly relative, the expectation is that all personal needs will be met. Unfortunately, some care home employees do not treat residents the way they deserve. Elder abuse comes in many forms, so it is important to recognize the common signs.

There are six types of elder abuse that may occur in a care home setting. To protect your loved one, always remain vigilant to the possibility that he or she is a victim of harmful actions.

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is the use of force or violence which may result in injury. Bruises, burns, cuts and other visible signs of physical abuse should be investigated.

Sexual Abuse

Elders who are vulnerable may become the target of a sexual abuser. Your relative may not have the ability to tell you about sexual abuse, making this one of the more difficult types of elder abuse to uncover.

Emotional Abuse

An emotionally abused elder may become withdrawn or complain of ill treatment from one or more care home employees. These concerns should be investigated to ensure that the treatment does not constitute abuse.

Financial Exploitation

If you notice that your relative’s money is disappearing without explanation, it may point toward financial exploitation. This type of abuse may also involve the theft of assets such as jewelry and other personal property.


The care home has an obligation to provide food and other provisions to elderly residents. If there is a failure to honor these commitments, you have a right to have the matter investigated.


Abandonment covers situations where a person or persons responsible for the care of an elderly resident have deserted their duties. This scenario is more common than many relatives realize.

If you have concerns about the safety of an elderly relative in a care home, speak to Turner Law for advice today.

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