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Should You Put Your Pet In Your Will?

You likely have heard news stories of dogs and other animals receiving millions of dollars left to them in a will from their generous owners. While not everyone can leave their pet a millionaire, there are good reasons to provide legal instructions and provisions for your pets. If you are like most people with pets,  … Read more

How Important Is Aid and Attendance Benefits for Veterans?

Our society owes a great debt of gratitude to veterans who have served our country with honor and distinction. These brave men and women have sacrificed much for our freedom and security, and we must ensure they receive the support and care they need when they return home. One of the most important benefits available  … Read more

Could You Have Unaccounted For Digital Assets?

An increasingly important aspect of estate planning involves accounting for and transferring rights to your digital assets. While many people may not believe they have any such assets, they may be seriously deficient in accounting for some valuable assets in their estate plan. What Are Digital Assets? Digital assets are electronic data or information owned  … Read more

How to Protect Your Assets from Probate with Estate Planning

After you die, all your assets may need to go through a probate process for equal distribution among family members and to pay off any debt or taxes. This process can be complicated and expensive. However, you can employ a few legal strategies through an experienced attorney to protect your assets to help save your  … Read more

Enjoy the Benefits of Giving with a Charitable Trust

Supporting charity organizations is its own reward, knowing that you are using your wealth to help causes close to your heart. However, there is no reason why you cannot help others while still enjoying some benefits for yourself. One effective way to support charities and receive tax benefits is by creating a charitable trust. What  … Read more

Estate Planning Tips for Your Digital Assets

You may have already distributed your physical possessions and financial accounts to loved ones when planning your estate, but have you thought about your digital assets? These assets include your email accounts, reward points, saved photos on your phone and any other digital information you may own. Your designated executor may have some limited rights  … Read more