Buckhead Estate Planning Attorney

Nearly everyone has an estate. Whether your estate is large or small, simple or complex, Robert Turner at Turner Law, P.C. is here to serve as your Buckhead estate planning attorney. Are you looking for peace of mind regarding the legacy you will leave behind when you pass? Don’t leave your assets to chance; let Robert Turner protect your family, your assets and your future.

Turner Law, P.C. in downtown Decatur serves clients in Buckhead with exceptional knowledge, care and insight, offering personalized estate planning using wills, trusts and tax planning. With over 25 years of specialized legal experience, Robert Turner will help you clearly define how to allocate and transfer assets and property to your appointed beneficiaries after your death. At Turner Law, P.C., we can help direct you to make informed, critical decisions regarding your estate. The protection of your assets is our top priority. It is our job to allow your loved ones and or charitable organizations to receive what you have worked so hard to provide for them over the course of your lifetime.

Sandy Springs GA Wills Lawyer

If your family, loved ones or charitable organizations are important to you, it is critical to have a will. Robert Turner is a Sandy Springs GA wills lawyer providing exceptional service for clients in Sandy Springs and the surrounding area. You can trust Robert Turner and Turner Law, P.C. to help you create a will that clearly outlines a plan to protect the people that matter most and to distribute your belongings accordingly. Guardianship of your children is an important aspect of a will for people with children under the age of 18. A will can help you appoint who takes care of your children, who receives your assets, what exactly they are to be left with and when you want your beneficiaries to acquire what is to be given.

Dunwoody Estate Planning Trusts

At Turner Law, P.C., we have an outstanding track record for creating Dunwoody Estate Planning Trusts that protect your loved ones unconditionally. A trust will put conditions on how and when your assets will be distributed to your beneficiaries. Trusts can protect your estate, reduce estate taxes and help shield your loved ones from lawsuits and creditors. Call Turner Law, P.C. today for a free initial phone consultation.