Are You Too Young to Have a Will?

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If you are in your twenties or thirties, you may think that wills are for older people. It is difficult to imagine the need when you are young and healthy. You may be surprised to learn that putting your wishes down in a will can cover more than your material possessions.

Social Media Accounts

Almost everyone has access to social media today, and many people in their twenties and thirties have accounts on multiple platforms. If you have a large following and a lot of content, choosing who will manage those accounts should you pass can give you peace of mind, and can provide your family with the ability to access your accounts. This can also include any blogs or streaming accounts that generate an income.

Collections from Hobbies

If you collect movie or gaming memorabilia, there is a good chance that your collection is valuable. Without a will, it would be difficult for your family or friends to know what your wishes would be for the distribution of these items.

Savings Accounts

If you have money in savings, it is important to protect your wishes if you should pass away. In most cases, if you die without a will in place, your financial assets would be distributed to your parents or closest living family member. If you would like to gift your assets to a certain family member, friend or charitable organization, a will must be in place to guarantee that takes place.

Life Changes

Life in your twenties and thirties looks much different than life in your later years. These life changes will inevitably require you to revisit your will throughout your lifetime. Financial and relationship changes are all milestones that will warrant an update to your will. If you create a will early in life, making changes can become a good habit, and help you take note of your financial future. Wills are flexible and can be adjusted as your needs change.

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