Alpharetta Probate Lawyer

Robert Turner is an experienced Alpharetta probate lawyer specializing in a broad range of probate litigation services, contested wills, and the preservation of assets held in client’s trusts or estates. At Turner Law, P.C., we represent beneficiaries or heirs who are contesting a will. We also represent will or estate administrators and executors, offering all clients exceptional representation.

If you need help probating a Georgia estate, you can feel confident calling Robert Turner and the legal team at Turner Law, P.C. Grieving families and executor’s trust the expertise and counsel provided by Robert Turner. If you are facing probate litigation, a contested will or an estate dispute, call Turner Law today.

Cumming GA Probate Litigation Attorney

Cumming GA probate litigation attorney Robert Turner serves clients with uncompromised attention, caring and professional legal counsel and 25 years of specialized probate experience. You can feel confident turning to Robert Turner and Turner Law, P.C. for probate assistance. Robert Turner helps individuals, families and trust clients with comprehensive probate litigation services including:

  • Estate planning document problems
  • Problems with out of date estate plans or wills
  • Probate process mismanagement
  • Disputes with administration of the probate process
  • Guardianship disputes
  • Creditor issues concerning estates
  • Disagreements in trust administration
  • Probate process mismanagement issues

Let Turner Law, P.C. help minimize the potential for any personal liability during the probate process while complying with GA probate law. We will handle all aspects of the probate including, identifying heirs/beneficiaries, securing an inventory and appraisal of assets, collecting money owed to the estate, distribution of property and more.

Johns Creek Contested Wills Lawyer

In the state of Georgia, there are a handful of reasons a will can be contested. If you want to contest a will, call Robert Turner, a trusted Johns Creek contested wills lawyer. Are you questioning whether a will was executed properly? Do you feel like your loved one may have been unfairly influenced prior to changing their will? Robert Turner provides outstanding legal representation as a contested wills lawyer in the Johns Creek area.